Beautiful Iris Screen Saver

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  • Beautiful Iris Screen Saver 5.0

    Display beautiful Iris flowers as screensaver Display beautiful Iris flowers as your screensaver! Includes 50 images, with captions of the
  • Beautiful Iris 2 Screen Saver 5.0

    The latest in our popular series! Display 50 new colorful IRIS images,with captions of the botanical names. Display beautiful Iris flowers as your
  • 365 Beautiful California Screen Saver 2.1

    Visit California while at home or at the office and explore its BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES AND CITYSCAPES. This scenic screensaver reveals over forty
  • Beautiful Venice Screen Saver 1.1

    This Screen Saver contains original and beautiful photos of Venice that is a beautiful Italian city. It also contains user selectable options and
  • Beautiful Black Labs Screen Saver 1.1

    Beautiful Black Labs screen saver features an image slide show of over 20 high resolution images of these beautiful
  • Beautiful Forest Lake 3D Screen Saver 1.0.3

    Decorate your screen with the animated views of beautiful quiet lake among the green forest. Relaxing spring scenery complete with colourful
  • Beautiful Anne Hathaway Screen Saver 1.1

    Beautiful Anne Hathaway Screen Saver featuring over 20 high quality images of the talented
  • Beautiful Desktop Earth Wallpaper Screen Saver 6.6

    You can see that how the Earth looks like from the space by using this striking Desktop Earth Wallpaper Screen Saver. It shows you city lights in
  • A-10 Thunderbolt Screen Saver for Wide Screen Displays 1.0

    The A-10 Thunderbolt Screen Saver contains more than 90 16:9 Hi-Definition pictures that will stretch to match the screen resolution on your wide
  • Cat Licking Screen Cleaner Screen Saver 2.0

    This cute little kitten try's to lick your screen clean as a screen saver. You can turn off the sound in the windows screen saver options if you
  • Licking Dog Screen Cleaner Screen Saver 2.0

    The advanced version of licking Dog Screen Cleaner Screen Saver features a little dog that is licking your computer screen. It is very enjoyable
  • Create-A-Saver Screen Saver 1.8.4

    A screen saver that uses images of your friends, family, Vacation, or anything you can think of to display while running. Add images, sound, text,
  • ZX Screen Shots Screen Saver 2.1

    This is a screen saver with loading screens from good old games on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Remember those Happy Days of
  • My Screen Saver 2.03

    Have you ever wanted to design your very own, personalized Windows screen saver? Now you can build one, adding your favorite graphic images, words of
  • Tao Screen Saver 3.0

    Inspirational screen saver with quotes & images from the "Tao Te Ching" (the world's most translated book, after the Bible). Interactive quote
  • PTI Screen Saver 1.0

    A screensaver presenting PTI International activities in Atlanta GA
  • Art of War Screen Saver 1.0

    Scenes of ancient China and quotes from Sun Tzu's "Art of War". Around 2,000 years ago, China was in turmoil. A series of wars left the leaders in
  • Fly Screen Saver 1.4

    This screen saver displays animated, cartoonish flies that move across your screen from left to right over your desktop. You can have your desktop
  • Web Screen Saver 4.44

    Put web pages on a screensaver. Give your web site more audience. Put it on every desktop as a screensaver. When nobody uses a desktop, it will
  • Ant Screen saver 1.0

    Ant Free Screensaver. Photos slideshow. Ant screensaver. This free screensaver contains many pictures of Ant. Ants are eusocial insects of the family
  • Big cat Screen saver 1.0

    Big cat Free Screensaver. Photos slideshow. Big cat screensaver. This free screensaver contains many pictures of Big cat. Big cat distinguishes the
  • When God Ran Screen Saver 2009

    This Free Multi-Media Premium Christian Screen Saver presents the Parable of the Prodigal Son using 36 synchronized pictures, MP3 music, and lyrics.
  • 3D Art Screen Saver 5.0

    3D Art Screen Saver displays the original works of 3D Art of Michael Cox as your screensaver! Includes 35 images, with captions of the art
  • The VCF Screen Saver 1.0

    The VCF Screen Saver If you have not already seen all of the Beautiful Photos of all of the Beautiful Beings that Thunderhawk Enterprises, Inc. -
  • Keep Out Screen Saver 1.7

    Keep Out is an awesome 3D screen saver, that shows a skull with crossed bones rotating on your screen. It uses amazing dynamic light effects, molten
  • Screen Saver Bar 1.0

    Screen Saver Bar is a handy Windows utility for those who seek more control over their screen savers. It allows you to start your screen saver on
  • Eid Screen Saver 2.0

    After Ramadan Eid is a day that brings joy for Muslins and with Eid screen saver you can celebrate this day in a fashioned way. It is a reward from
  • Under the Sea Screen Saver 1.0

    Would you like to visit the underwater world?Wouldn't it be just great to swim among fish and corals?Under the Sea Screen Saver takes you on a journey
  • MIB Screen Saver 2.0

    MIB Screen Saver is a fun and fantastic screen saver with appearance of Men In Black on desktop and liberation him from space alien.It is free do
  • A New Day Screen Saver 2.0

    Let us face each day with a view that, things would be even better tomorrow. Do not miss this amazing screensaver.Download today! The passing water
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  • Beautiful Iris 2 Screen Saver 5.0

    The latest in our popular series! Display 50 new colorful Iris images,with captions of the botanical names. Display Beautiful Iris flowers as your ScreenSaver! The latest in our popular series! Display 50 new colorful
  • Iris Party 2.0

    Iris Party presented as Windows Screen Saver which builds and shows (almost?) unlimited number of 3d-animated motion pictures. And we absolutely do not let you think of it as about a Screen Saver. After you try to
  • Iris Recognition System 1.0

    Iris Recognition System is the advanced biometric system that automatically identifies the unique Iris feature of any individual with image acquisition using the Daugman's algorithms. As we know, Iris of all the humans
  • Ayeline GL Saver 3.1

    Ayeline GL Saver is an OpenGL Screen Saver for Windows, which is able to exploit external engines to draw Beautiful graphics. Using GL Saver you have as many Screen Savers in one, as you like. Don't forget to visit our
  • Desert Wildflowers Screen Savers 1.0

    Desert Wildflowers Screen Savers 1.0 offers you a Beautiful selection of Beautiful wildflowers from America's deserts. From the Sonoran to the Colorado Plateau, fifteen photographs are accompanied by an acoustically
  • Fast and Accurate Iris Segmentation 1.0

    The use of biometric signatures, instead of tokens such as identification cards or computer passwords, continues to gain increasing attention as an efficient means of identification and verification of individuals for
  • Beautiful Iris Screen Saver 5.0

    Display Beautiful Iris flowers as ScreenSaver Display Beautiful Iris flowers as your ScreenSaver! Includes 50 images, with captions of the botanical names. Select from a number of image transition effects. Use your
  • Streams and Waterfalls Screen Saver 1.0

    Screen Saver with Beautiful Images of Streams and Waterfalls by Chris Humphreys.It's powered by a first-class 32-bit Screen-Saver engine with plenty of options. Select the duration between images in seconds or minutes,
  • 20 Beautiful Waterfalls Vol. 1 1.0.0.

    Serious fun! 20 Beautiful Waterfalls Screen Saver! Screen Saver Features: -specially designed atmosphere -many Beautiful high resolution pictures -unique sound environment -multiple transition effects -adjustable
  • VeriEye Algorithm Demo (For Windows) 2.0

    Eye Iris identification algorithm demo application for MS Windows. The robust proprietary Iris recognition technology accepts images with gazing away eyes or narrowed eyelids and provides reliable Iris matching at speeds
  • Halloween 99 Screen Saver 1.0

    This Screen Saver is based on original graphics used in our popular Halloween Stationery for Outlook Express. This customizable Screen Saver lets you view this Beautiful Screen Saver the way you want. Created by
  • Stop Screen Saver 1.00

    Have you ever wanted to stop your Screen Saver from running during that all important presentation? Do you have restricted access to your computer and you are not allowed to disable the Screen Saver yourself? Have you
  • Nautica Screensaver 1.0a

    Welcome to the "Nautica" Screen Saver home PaGE. "Nautica" features the striking Marine art of Danny Hahlbohm. From ships to seascapes, you'll enjoy this Beautiful CloudEight Screen Saver. To enhance your enjoyment of
  • The Ten Commandments 1

    You can decorate your desktop with Beautiful The Ten Commandments Screen Saver that rotates in the background, The Ten Commandments as Beautiful Mountain Scenery sets. You will really like this Screen Saver a lot.
  • Living 3D Dolphins Full Screen Saver 1.0

    You can watch dolphins by going to the depth of ocean and it is possible because of Beautiful Living 3D Dolphins Full Screen Saver. You will see that color fishes that are swimming as well as the Beautiful coral where
  • Aone Screen Saver Expert 3.5.1

    Screen Saver Expert is powerful and easy for making your own Screen Saver. You can easily add any pictures (.jpg,.gif,.bmp,.png,.tif,.tga or .pcx ) and import music (.mp3,.midi or .wav) to your Screen Saver project,
  • Awesome Seasons Screen Saver 1.0

    Screen Saver of Beautiful scenic photos. A photo slideshow Screen Saver with Beautiful scenic photos of all seasons, by photographer Fany Drouin. These Beautiful and relaxing photos depict the changing seasons from
  • WeiserWare Screen Saver Manager 1.02

    The WeiserWare Screen Saver Manager lets you manage your Screen Saver collection from one convenient location. The Screen Saver Manager enables you to run a random Screen Saver when Windows activates your Screen
  • The VCF Screen Saver 1.0

    The VCF Screen Saver If you have not already seen all of the Beautiful Photos of all of the Beautiful Beings that Thunderhawk Enterprises, Inc. - Big Cat Rescue has helped Save and for which your donations will help
  • Waterfalls Power Screensaver 1.0

    The ScreenSaver shows a variety of Beautiful and powerful waterfalls: a beauty of water in the motion, this is water's lines in the woods, green landscapes and mountains, multi-tiered cascades. See the collection of
  • Snowflake Screen Saver 3.0

    Snowflake Screen Saver is an animated Screen Saver that features stunning images of Winter while snow falls over each scene. Included with the Screen Saver is 10 Christmas songs that play in the background during the
  • SeaStorm 3D for Mac OS X 1.2.1

    You can decorate your system with Beautiful SeaStorm 3D Screen Saver. With this Screen Saver, you can enjoy a sea storm right on your desktop. It has stunning video effects as
  • Awesome Classic Cars Screen Saver Lite

    Are you a fan of classic cars? Would you like to have antique cars shows more often? Awesome Classic Cars Screen Saver Lite will bring a car show to your desktop. This unique Screen Saver will take you to a cars show
  • Autumn Colors Screen Saver 3

    Autumn Colors features photographs of Beautiful Autumn Leaves from western Mountains and desert canyons. The relaxing presentation of 15 fully captioned images show to an acoustically based digital soundtrack
  • Animated Golf Balls Screen Saver 2.0.0

    An Animated Screen Saver that displays Beautiful Golf related images while realistic Golf Balls bounce over each scene. Several background music arrangements accompany the Screen Saver. Bonus features are available to
  • Stunning Wildflowers 3.0

    The all new higher resolution edition of Stunning Wildflowers Screen Saver features Beautiful wildflowers photographed in outstanding remote natural habitats. Fifteen wonderful pictures are accompanied by an
  • Radsoft ScreenSaverControl

    This was written because I wanted a quick way to turn on and off the Screen Saver. I like having a Screen Saver but some take up quite a bit a processing power that I sometimes need to reserve for compiling. When
  • OnceMore Merry Christmas 1.0

    A bright and fabulous Christmas Screen Saver with Santa. In this Beautiful Screen Saver, Santa is this time flying in a Modern flywheel in the Screen while the angels are floating in a perfectly matching background
  • Orchids Screen Saver and Wallpaper 3.3

    Orchids are considered by many to be the most Beautiful flowers of all. This Screen Saver and Wallpaper will show you why. This collection of 65 images captures the diversity in color, form and beauty that has fascinated
  • Landscapes Screen Saver and Wallpaper 3.3

    Spectacular images of Beautiful landscapes. Enjoy some of nature's most Beautiful scenes from the comfort of your desk. This Screen Saver and wallpaper includes images that depict the beauty of the changing seasons: